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07 Aug 2019 0

RSIF Institutional Capacity Building Program (RSIF- ICBP)
The Partnership for skills in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (PASET) is an Africa-led initiative to strengthen skills in ASET fields in order to further socio-economic transformation in sub- Saharan Africa (SSA). The Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (RSIF) is the flagship program of PASET. The primary objective of RSIF is to strengthen institutional capacity for quality and sustainable doctoral training, research and innovation in transformative technologies in sub- Saharan Africa.

RSIF is anchored on three complimentary Windows:

  • Window 1 supports financing of 3 to 4-year scholarships for PhD training in the selected RSIF African Host Universities;
  • Window 2 supports grants for research awarded to faculty engaged in PhD training in African Host Universities and to RSIF graduates who obtain a post-doctoral or permanent position in academic institutions or research centre in SSA; and
  • Window 3 supports innovation grants awarded to RSIF scholars and faculty who submit joint innovative project proposals with private companies.

The grants are awarded competitively and aim to complement the PhD training offered to scholars by supporting knowledge generation, promoting scientific excellence and encouraging the use of knowledge for development impact.

The RSIF Institutional Capacity Building Program (RSIF- ICBP), is part of Window 3 and provides grants to assist RSIF African Host Universities to develop innovation-enabling environments and to encourage capacity building for innovation and entrepreneurship development. The program will promotes the development of strategic policy documents related to innovation and commercialization in order to create a stimulating environment for successful university-industry partnerships. Furthermore, it will reinforce the development of an institutional framework to enhance the innovation ecosystem within the university by:

  1. Aiding in the development of strategic policy documents related to innovation and commercialization of knowledge.
  2. Strengthening the human resource and development skills of researchers.
  3. Encouraging the establishment of collaborations with business incubators, accelerators, technology hubs and private sector companies in PASET priority areas, and
  4. Supporting the institutionalization of RSIF Host Universities and building their research and innovation-oriented capacities through collaboration with experienced international partners.

In this round of the ICBP, RSIF will award competitively a maximum of 6 grants with budget ceiling per grant of up to $50,000. The grants will be implemented for a maximum period of 2 years.
Eligible Partners

  • RSIF African Host Universities as lead applicants (see for more information).
  • Private sector companies, business incubators, accelerators or technology hubs.
  • International partners (preferably with experience in innovation capacity development and commercialization of knowledge).

Deadline for receipt of proposals is September 30, 2019, midnight East African Time.
The full Call for Proposals and related information on how to submit proposals and relevant templates can be accessed at .

For further information, please contact:
The RSIF Regional Coordination Unit
International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe)
Phone: +254 (20) 8632000
Att: Ms. Cynthia Orang’o, Research and Innovation Grants Officer