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In 2020, Kenya’s president, who was chair of PASET at the time, called for more investments in science and innovation in Africa . Rsif is PASET’s flagship programme, a unique Pan-African science fund designed for sustainability, flexibility and transparency.

  • Funds can be channeled to the Rsif General Fund or the Rsif Endowment Fund to sustainably support applied scientific and engineering research in sub-Saharan African universities.
  • Contributors can fund any of the three windows of Rsif: PhD training, Research grants and Innovation grants.
  • The inclusive and nimble governance structure ensures accountability to all funders and stakeholders.  The Rsif pooled fund is seeded and led by African governments and the World Bank through PASET and implemented by a competitively selected African scientific organization icipe.

African governments, development partners and the private sector can contribute to Rsif.


  • Funding for Rsif scholarships, research and innovation grants
  • Grant capital for the Rsif endowment fund (recommended as preferred modality to generate returns and contribute to Rsif’s long-term sustainability)
  • Priority aligned donations (e.g. country, priority thematic area, institution)
  • Named programmes (for donations above an agreed amount)
  • Co-financing of joint Rsif research and innovation projects in area of interest
  • Internships and work experience for Rsif scholars and new graduates
  • Various in-kind services and capacity building support, including waived fees and charges.

Please contact us, expressing your interest in contributing. The Rsif Regional Coordination Unit at icipe will get back to you with more details and schedule a meeting with you.

As part of the Rsif Program, we offer various capacity building activities and workshops for our beneficiaries that include doctoral scholarships holders, host universities faculty and other stakeholders.

The capacity building activities include: Guest webinar series, Rsif PhD student seminar series and training courses on broadly applicable research skills like science paper writing, information literacy, grant proposal writing, research management and leadership, science communication, intellectual property rights, entrepreneurship and research commercialization, monitoring and evaluation, and gender inclusion.

Interested institutions and individuals can contribute to Rsif’s capacity building initiatives in several ways including:

  • Knowledge exchange through participation in capacity-building workshops and organizing learning visits of Rsif’s host universities
  • Technical expertise through participation in advisory committees and technical committees
  • Sandwich programs with Rsif host universities, entailing up to 2 years of training (research and coursework) for Rsif scholars
  • Engaging with the Rsif host universities in curriculum development and joint research
  • Providing academic staff (faculty) training and exchange opportunities with Rsif host universities
  • Giving talks at the Rsif guest webinar series
  • Knowledge sharing and training within the training courses
  • Building partnerships towards joint delivery of training courses

Read more about our capacity building activities.
Contact us for further details.