Very little beats tertiary education as a poverty-reducing investment, but it needs to be done right

Pauline Achoka
16 Oct 2019 0
Achieving the NDP’s higher education targets could lift more than 20% out of poverty by 2030. The extra resources can be understood as an important investment only if there is a dedicated commitment to enhancing four performance area.


In the drive to eradicate poverty and inequality in South Africa, nothing could be more important than better economic chances for the youth. Education, employment and rising incomes are very close relatives. Tertiary education is the most critical asset that opens up opportunities for low-income households to lift themselves out of poverty.

There is a two-way relationship between quality education output and job creation. A growing economy will absorb a more qualified and capable labour force. And a more qualified and capable labour force creates a greater incentive for firms to invest in labour-absorbing activities. Click here .. to read this Op-Ed written by member in the PASET Consultative Advisory Group, Dr. Miriam Altman.