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Status: Closed

RSIF Research Award – MOZSKILLS Sub-project


Deadline: 31/05/2022


This grants targets full-time Mozambican faculty members of a university or researchers at public research institutes in Mozambique collaborating with International Partners in academia pr research centres in the continent and beyond. The grant aims to support Mozambican faculty and researchers generate innovative ideas and advance their research excellence. Grant beneficiaries will gain access to high-quality complimentary capacity building and professional development opportunities that will foster talent, build networks, and encourage cross- disciplinary collaboration.

Target Thematic Areas: Project proposals should respond to key developmental challenges in the country along the five PASET Thematic Areas. Proposals which provide solutions to contemporary challenges in SSA such as COVID-19 are encouraged if they are aligned to the PASET thematic areas.

Grant Size and Duration: US$ 90,000 for up to 2 years from time of award.

For more information read the Call for Proposal in Portuguese or English
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Reference Documents for RSIF Research Grants

RSIF Research and Innovations Grants Manual 2019 Provides an overview of the compliance requirements for recipients of RSIF Research and Innovation Grants
English | French

RSIF Project Grant Agreement Provides the contractual terms and conditions for recipients of RSIF Research and Innovation Grants
English | French

RSIF Intellectual Property ManualProvides guidance on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) provisions applicable in the RSIF program
English | French

Grants Partners Consortium Agreement (draft)To be signed by the grant partners collaborating in the implementation of an RSIF awarded Research and Innovation Grant. Outlines the terms and conditions and working modalities for parties involved in the partnership.

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