Our Impact

Biogas and energy

Thematic Area: Energy including renewables

University: University of Rovuma

Project Leader: Mr. Emilio Antonio

Collaborating Partners: Provincial Service of Infrastructures, Public Works and Transport, Mozambique

Duration: 2 years

Project Overview


The production of gas using organic waste in African countries, particularly Mozambique, is a challenge since it has not been exploited rigorously. This project seeks to increase the use of clean energy by maximizing the use of low-efficiency biomass (lighting and cooking), particularly in the communities of Nampula, in Mozambique.


The Technology

The project seeks to develop a system for production and commercialisation of biogas, through the establishment of a biogas supply cycle for use in households as well as development of specific stoves. Processed organic matter will be used as fertilizer in agricultural fields thus contributing to the promotion and access to clean energy and reducing the use of low efficiency biomass used by the population for lighting and cooking.


Expected Impact

The project aims to have at least 600 householders use Biogas for confectionery, at least 200 farmers use biofertilizers in their agricultural fields and 500 people learn about the benefits of using biogas, biofertilizers and some practices that support the mitigation of environmental problems by 2024.

For more information, please contact the Project Leader.