Our Impact

Capacity Building for University-Industry Business Technology Transfer

Thematic Area: Energy including renewables

University: University of Nairobi (UON)

Project Leader: Prof Julius Mwabora

Collaborating Partners: Webstudent International, Kristiansand, Norway; Blink Electrics Ltd, Kenya; Ed Plus at Arizona State University, USA; Viktoria Solutions Limited, Kenya

Duration: 2 years

Project Overview

University-Industry partnerships have been acknowledged as important contributions in development of national economies especially in western countries. This project aims to develop capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship, transfer of knowledge, protection of intellectual property (IP) and establishment of platform for University-Industry partnerships. This will facilitate and accelerate the translation of academic discoveries into products that improve national competitiveness in manufacturing and entrepreneurial science innovation and technology.

Through this project, an online course on entrepreneurship and innovation through collaboration with experienced domestic and international partners from the scientific-research and economic sector will be developed. The Intellectual property directorate will be strengthened to incorporate the framework for policy, incubation, technology transfer and commercialization of developed technologies. Faculty and postgraduate students will be trained to undertake commercialization, business development and marketing plans.

A pilot hub focusing on one industry will be established. This will be used to evaluate students and faculty opportunities to create an initial governance model and plan for future expansion to other industries. Hubs will be responsible for providing innovators with both the initial investment and resources to support the proof of concept work and the mentorship in product development and commercialization needed to develop high priority technologies that address the highest national priorities within the Kenyan vision 2030 mission.