Our Impact

In vitro production of premium forest native species of Mozambique

Thematic Area: Climate change

University: Eduardo Mondlane University

Project Leader: Prof. Célia Marília Martins

Collaborating Partners: Lisbon University- Tropical College, Portugal

Duration: 2 years

Project Overview

The premium forest species native to Mozambique have the potential to contribute significantly to the national economy, however, they are extremely exploited for timber production which can lead to the extinction of these species. The need to ensure sustainable exploitation of premium forest species presupposes that there is also full implementation of reforestation measures, and it is in this context that the proposal of mass multiplication using the technology of plant tissue culture arises. This technology has among other advantages the rapid multiplication and the obtaining of disease free plants when compared to traditional methods of obtaining plants. The production of seedlings of forest species in quantity and quality on a commercial scale using plant tissue culture will make a vital contribution to the preservation of these native species, a continuous guarantee of income for rural families, logging and reforestation. On the other hand, reforestation will also contribute to the reduction of the effects of climate change through the sequestration of carbon dioxide.

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