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08 Nov 2021 0

RSIF Scholars have made remarkable contribution to the body of knowledge by publishing their research work in high quality peer reviewed journal articles and presenting papers in international conferences. To date, a total of 60 journal articles and conference papers have been published by the scholars in the 5 thematic areas: Climate Change (11); Energy including Renewables (4); Food security and Agribusiness (19); ICTs including Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (9); and Minerals, Mining and Materials Engineering (16).

There has been notable growth in number of publications from 0 in 2018 when the program started, 9 in 2019, 20 in 2020 to 30 in 2021 (October). Cohort 1 have published 37 peer-reviewed and conference papers, while Cohort 2 have published 22 papers. Total publications by Female Scholars are 16 at (27%) and 44 by Male (73%). All publications are available on RSIF digital repository:

Publications metrics at a glance!

The research output is making impact as depicted by the number of articles downloads, views and citations from around the world.

RSIF Capacity building activities have been instrumental in supporting scholarly authorship. To mention a few, RSIF supports subscription access to 45,136 high quality e-resources (41,926 e-books and 3,210
e-journals) for the African Host Universities (AHUs). Usage of these resources is at over 350,000 hits. In addition, RSIF conducts biannual Information Literacy and Reference Management training workshops designed to help researchers, including PhD students, acquire intellectual, critical and logical skills to determine needed information; access or locate that information fast; evaluate the information and use effectively and efficiently the retrieved information. The workshops include engaging participants in practical activities in developing search strategies, using reference management tools and identifying credible publishing platforms. This has equipped the scholars with skills in conducting research and identifying credible and high impact journals to publish in.

Featured Publications and Scholars

1. Most popular publication

Sodedji Frejus Ariel Kpedetin, a cohort 1 scholar from Benin, is co-author of the article that has the highest number of citations, views and downloads. Sodedji is currently undertaking his PhD in Food security and agribusiness at University Felix Houphouët-Boigny, Côte d’Ivoire. He has written a blog on ‘I am on a mission to improve cowpea breeding in Africa’ published by RSIF.

Ayenan, M. A. T., Danquah, A., Hanson, P., Ampomah-Dwamena, C., Sodedji, F. A. K., Asante, I. K., & Danquah, E. Y. (2019). Accelerating Breeding for Heat Tolerance in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.): An integrated approach. In Agronomy (Vol. 9, Issue 11, p. 720). MDPI AG.

                 19                                               2227                                                     4,963

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2. Scholar with highest number of publications
The scholar with the highest number of publications that have been published after joining RSIF program is Richard Kipyegon Koech, a cohort 1 scholar from Kenya. Richard is undertaking his PhD in Minerals, Mining and Materials Engineering at African University of Science and Technology (AUST). He has published 7 articles and also written a blog on ‘My dream is to mentor young scientists’ published on RSIF website. We feature 3 of his articles published in 2021.

  • Koech, R. K., Ichwani, R., Martin, J. L., Oyewole, D. O., Oyelade, O. v., Olanrewaju, Y. A., Sanni, D. M., Adeniji, S. A., Grimm, R. L., Bello, A., Oyewole, O. K., Ntsoenzok, E., & Soboyejo, W. O. (2021). A study of the effects of a thermally evaporated nanoscale CsBr layer on the optoelectronic properties and stability of formamidinium-rich perovskite solar cells. AIP Advances, 11(9), 095112.
  • Oyewole, D. O., Koech, R. K., Ichwani, R., Ahmed, R., Hinostroza Tamayo, J., Adeniji, S. A., Cromwell, J., Colin Ulloa, E., Oyewole, O. K., Agyei-Tuffour, B., Titova, L. v., Burnham, N. A., & Soboyejo, W. O. (2021). Annealing effects on interdiffusion in layered FA-rich perovskite solar cells. AIP Advances, 11(6), 065327.
  • Adeniji, S. A., Cromwell, J., Oyewole, D. O., Oyelade, O. v., Koech, R. K., Sanni, D. M., Oyewole, O. K., Babatope, B., & Soboyejo, W. O. (2021). Pressure-assisted fabrication of perovskite light emitting devices. AIP Advances, 11(2), 025112.

3.Most recent publication

Abdulkadir, M., Kajero, O. T., Olarinoye, F. O., Udebhulu, D. O., Zhao, D., Aliyu, A. M., & Al-Sarkhi, A. (2021). Investigating the Behaviour of Air–Water Upward and Downward Flows: Are You Seeing What I Am Seeing? Energies 2021, Vol. 14, Page 7071, 14(21), 7071.