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Status: Closed

RSIF Junior Investigator Research Award (RSIF JIRA)


Deadline: 15/12/2022


RSIF graduates who obtain a post-doctoral or permanent position in academic institutions or research centres in Africa are eligible to apply for JIRA awards.

These research grants aim to promote research excellence among young researchers in collaboration with international partners, preferably scientists from the African Scientific Diaspora engaged in prominent international research institutions. The first call will open in 2022.

Eligible applicants: Only PASET-RSIF PhD graduates that hold a permanent or pos-doctoral position in University or research centre in SSA and their international partner collaborators are eligible to apply for this grant.

Budget: RSIF will award up to USD 80,000 per grant to be implemented for a period of up to 2 years from the time of award.

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Reference Documents

RSIF Research and Innovations Grants Manual 2019 Provides an overview of the compliance requirements for recipients of RSIF Research and Innovation Grants
English | French

RSIF Project Grant Agreement Provides the contractual terms and conditions for recipients of RSIF Research and Innovation Grants
English | French

RSIF Intellectual Property ManualThis Manual provides guidance on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) provisions applicable in the RSIF program.
English | French

Grants Partners Consortium Agreement (draft)To be signed by the grant partners collaborating in the implementation of an RSIF awarded Research and Innovation Grant. Outlines the terms and conditions and working modalities for parties involved in the partnership.