Our Impact

Creation of Sustainable Student Companies as an alternative to Self-Employment.

Thematic Area: Food security and agribusiness

University: Instituto Superior Politecnico de Manica

Project Leader: Arnaldo Ernesto Uetela

Collaborating Partners: Agro-Manica, Mozambique

Duration: 2 years

Project Overview

In Mozambique, small and medium-sized companies represent the largest number of existing economic units, representing more than 95% of the universe of legally registered companies. However, its contribution in terms of gross domestic product and employment is still relatively low. The Government of Mozambique’s aims to maximize the potential for job creation and wealth generation that small and medium-sized companies offer. Given the difficulties inherent in the beginning of a company’s life, many are those that cannot withstand the challenges and obstacles posed by market dynamics. Thus, it is crucial to create support mechanisms for entrepreneurs in this weaker phase, marked by increased vulnerability and uncertainty.


The Center for Scientific Research and Business Incubation (CICIE) of the Instituto Superior Politécnico de Manica (ISPM) is a business incubator that comprises facilities, infrastructure and services designed to support incubators, most of whom work within training courses of the ISPM. One of the objectives of this Organic Unit of ISPM is to support the socio-economic development of the region through the incubation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, from training in Entrepreneurship, preparation of a Business Plan, Company Registration and Technical Assistance. The objective of this action is to stimulate the emergence of sustainable Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the agribusiness value chain through the provision of incubation services and support for youth entrepreneurship among ISPM students and graduates.

The project is expected to have an impact on the increment of profitability of Companies managed by Young students and graduates, in the Agribusiness value chain, in the province of Manica, and Increased capacity of Young Entrepreneurs establish SMEs.