Our Impact

Food security, sustainable agribusiness and resource use efficiency in agriculture based on earth observation system

Thematic Area: Food security and agribusiness

University: Eduardo Mondlane University – School of Rural development

Project Leader: Prof. Sosdito Estevão Mananze

Collaborating Partners: University of Porto, Portugal

Duration: 2 years

Project Overview


Agricultural sector in Mozambique is experiencing a structural transformation characterized by increase of food sizes and intensified use of commercial agro-chemical inputs. There is a general concern regarding the sustainability of this intensification, specially in terms of the efficient use of production inputs. In fact, Mozambique faces the challenge of producing more with fewer resources, which will have to be aligned with the sustainable use of natural resources and the adaptation of agriculture to the climate scenarios.


The project intends to contribute to
food security using earth observation satellite data for the development of tools to support the efficient use of resources in agriculture in Mozambique.

Expected Impact:

The project aims to contribute to increased food security for communities of Vilankulo and Govuro in Mozambique by increasing the capacity to process satellite images for crop land monitoring, increased capacity of the extension workers in the use of earth observation data for agricultural monitoring and increased awareness for the utilization of the decision system and blockchain tool by farmers and extensionists.

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