Our Impact

Incubator for the conception and improvement of agrarian sector prototypes into marketable products

Thematic Area: Food security and agribusiness

University: Eduardo Mondlane university

Project Leader: Egas José Armando

Collaborating Partners: Jam life company; Inhassoro Vocational Training Centre

Duration: 24 months

Project Overview


The project aims to create an incubator at the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), School of Rural Development (ESUDER), Inhambane province. A cooperation network will be established between the partners: ESUDER, the Inhassoro Vocational Training Center (CFPI) and JAM-life to respond to the challenges of the small-scale agricultural sector and promoting use of appropriate machinery for improved productivity.


The Approach

The project will focus on: (i) Conceiving, detailing and improving the functioning of the prototypes involving students, researchers and lecturers from different areas of knowledge of UEM-ESUDER; (ii) Refining and testing the functionalities of the prototypes in an almost semi-finished state in the laboratories of UEM-ESUDER and CFPI; (iii) Testing the usefulness and performance of the prototypes in the initial phases of the project’s life cycle on producers in the provinces of Inhambane and Manica, through the JAM company; (iv) Submitting the prototype to the IP Office for registration; and (v) Placing it on the agro-livestock market.

Expected Impact

The project will support commercialization of new agri-products developed by students and researchers in the UEM community thus promoting employment opportunities among the young.

For more information, please contact the Project Leader.