Thought piece on Decolonising Knowledge in Africa


We are pleased to share with you a Thought Leadership column by icipe Director General & CEO, Dr Segenet Kelemu, on the emerging movement around the ideology of Decolonising Knowledge. Published in the latest icipe e-bulletin (Volume 11, Issue No. 1, 2021), the article highlights the impetus for the campaign, primarily ongoing global challenges that have amplified longstanding cracks in the international research and knowledge systems. The Director General states icipe’s stand based on the Centre’s unique practical and epistemic view within the debate. The article also details the urgency, points of contention and six key remedies to achieve the intended goals of the movement. Against this background, RSIF is highlighted as the perfect example of how more homegrown resources may well be the ultimate trump card for Decolonising Knowledge in Africa. The article concludes with a call-to-action to the African intellectual community not to forfeit its right and responsibility to contribute to the theorisation that will influence the outcomes of decolonisation of knowledge.

Please read the piece on the icipe website in Enlish and French